Perspective – The Netherlands 2024 / 2025

Travel Trade Networking Event (Belgium, Germany & UK)

14.09.2023 Live in Eindhoven

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Duration: 1 Day

Perspective The Netherlands 2024/25 - Networking Event Programme

Wednesday 13 September

Time Programme item
Early evening Arrival of participants from Belgium, Germany and the UK by complimentary train travel (Belgian Trains, Deutsche Bahn, Eurostar)
  Overnight stay at hotel Marienhage in Eindhoven incl. dinner (Tour operator only)


Thursday 14 September

Time Programme item
8.45 – 9:30* Registration with coffee & tea, Fifth NRE (please have your QR-code ready for registration)
9.30* Welcome by Jos Vranken, CEO of NBTC
10.00 – 11.55* First meeting block with 6 one-to-one meetings (15 minutes each)
11.55 – 12.55* Lunch break
13.00 – 13.30* Break out session: Three different workshops on the topics (Vincent van Gogh / New Dutch / Insights from the UK & Belgian market)
13.35 – 15.10* Second meeting block with 5 one-to-one meetings (15 minutes each)
15.10 – 15.25* Coffee break
15.25 - 16.10* Break out session:Uncovering the Future of AI: From Digital Evolution to AI Revolution
16.15 - 17.35* Third meeting block with 4 one-to-one meetings (15 minutes each)
17.35 – 17.45* Wrap up
17:45* Official end of the networking event
18:40* Coach transfer from hotel Marienhage in Eindhoven to the dinner location (Van Gogh Village Museum) in Nuenen
19.15 – 22.00* Dinner at Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen
22.00* Coach transfer from Van Gogh Village, Nuenen, to hotel Marienhage, Eindhoven
  Overnight stay at hotel Marienhage in Eindhoven (Tour operator only)


Friday 15 September

Time Programme item
Programme in Eindhoven
8.30 – 17.00* FAMTrip New Dutch / Click here for the programme (Tour operator only)
8.30 - 17.00* FAMTrip Van Gogh / Click here for the programme (Tour operator only)
OR Departure of tour operators


Saturday 16 September

  An extra night at de Efteling is possible for tour operators on request. The safari park Beekse Bergen is fully booked and cannot be selected anymore. You can find more information here

*All times are in the CET time zone